Things to keep in your car

Things to keep in your car

Jumper cables

You knew this was coming, didn't you? Drive a car long enough, and eventually everybody forgets to turn their headlights off or doesn't quite close the door properly and thus leave the interior light on. A set of jumper cables can easily be stowed in the trunk. Of course, to use them, you need to find a good Samaritan to boost from; If this may be a problem, you can also get a battery pack which will store its own charge and which you can use to directly kick-start your car battery.

Spare fuses

A blown fuse may be for something minor, like the air conditioner, but if it's for a crucial system like the fuel injection, the car is non-functional until the fuse is replaced. To avoid the aggravation of trying to get a fuse from somewhere when you're stranded with your car not running, always keep some spare fuses of varying amperages.

Spare headlight and indicator bulbs

Ice scraper/brush

Obviously, this is only needed if you live in a place where frost or snow occur; If you do, it's simply a must-have.

Windshield cover

A big sheet to cover your windshield is just what you need to keep your car from getting scorching inside on hot sunny days.


You don't often need flares (hopefully never), but they're an important safety item to use on accident scenes. Police drive with flares in their trunk; You should too.

Cell phone

Modern technology has made things a lot safer for troubled motorists; You used to have to sit huddled in your car with your hazard lights blinking, waiting for a helpful citizen or patrolling police car to go by. Now you can call for help right away; It's changed the whole scope of how motorists deal with car trouble.

Fire extinguisher

Another item you'll hopefully never have to use, but let's face it: An engine which has just been hit can potentially be a ticking bomb. Better safe than sorry.


One of those items which is always handy to keep around for just about anything.

First-aid kit

'Nuff said.

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