Making Windows not boot automatically

In Windows 95 and above, Windows automatically starts a GUI when you boot up. But what if you don't want it to? You can make it stay at a DOS-style command prompt until you actually want to run the GUI.

To do this, first open up a DOS prompt. Then, type the following commands. Of course, type them exactly as they're shown here:

attrib -s -h -r msdos.sys
edit msdos.sys

Your MSDOS.SYS file should now be on the screen. Find the line that says this:


And change it to this:


Then choose "Save" from the File menu, then "Exit". Next, type these DOS commands:

attrib +s +h +r msdos.sys

Next time you boot up, you should find yourself at a DOS prompt. Whenever you want to start Windows, just type win.

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