Volunteer computer game artists wanted!

Hello everyone. I need someone to do art for a computer game project I'm working on. This currently is a non-business transaction; I'm doing it for the love of games, and you should be too.

Hardly any artistic skill is required. The reason I'm posting this is because I literally lack the most basic illustration skills; I'm a programmer, a writer, and various other things, but I simply have no talent for the visual arts, nor do I have much interest in creating visual things. But making any kind of graphical computer game does, obviously, require graphics. If you can make graphics equivalent to a standard computer game from the mid-1980s, that's more than good enough. (No, this won't be a true 3D game with 24-bit color or surround sound.)

That leads me to the other point I should probably make: The game in mind is rather experimental. This isn't going to be a "big hit" or a "popular game" in the sense that people usually think about computer games nowadays. It's going to be to computer games as art-house movies are to movies. If that excites you, great, e-mail me! Basically, you shouldn't be embarrassed or think it strange to produce a "game" like Inanimate Racer.

You may wonder: What's the game going to be about? What genre will it be? And is it going to suck? The answers to all of these questions are sort of secret right now, so I won't reveal too much, but suffice it to say that the game(s) I have in mind will be somewhat genre-crossing, a little experimental but probably not excessively so. As to whether they'll suck: That's all a matter of opinion. If you want to make a game with brilliant commercial-quality graphics and sound, then yes, this game will suck by comparison. If you want a game that's actually original and interesting, I'm convinced that what I have in mind will be pretty good by most any indie game standard.

Any more questions? Drop me a line.

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