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My apologies to everyone for putting up this "About me" page; This website existed for 5 years before I put this section up, and I'm putting it up basically so I can put up this picture of me. Yes, this is a picture which my friend Gustavo drew of me: (It's remarkably accurate)

Red pen drawing

Otherwise, there is very little that could be said about me that doesn't make itself fairly apparent from the content on this website. I'm a computer guy, obviously, I enjoy *good* music and books, and I still believe in the naive, innocent notion that every person alive in this world should have good, healthy food, a place to sleep that isn't scourged by extremes of heat or cold, and the ability to read, write, and love.

I used to live in the famed Silicon Valley. I moved there because I thought it was the place to be for a bithead like me. However, the computer industry has lost all semblance of what it once was, and even Silicon Valley is little more than a bunch of offices today, with no real innovation driving the region. Since then, I'm kind of homeless, not in the sense that I sleep on the street, but in the sense that there's nowhere I belong. If you want to read me whine about it, read my pity page.

Since the computer industry is gone, I am in the process of trying to reinvent myself. Among other things, I'm writing a novel. If anyone's interested, let me know; if it seems like there's any kind of demand, I may end up self-publishing and offering it online as an e-book for cheap. Right now it looks like the book will be taking the classical dystopian near-future vision. I'm hoping to keep it from being too classically cyberpunk though.

I was once married. The reasons why this stopped being the case could fill a book, but if there's any lesson that I could possibly say I've learned and would pass along to those contemplating their own relationships, suffice to say that if you can no longer trust your significant other, it's already over.

I eat way too much pizza. I eat pizza and very little else. I wear anything that's available when I get dressed, as long as it doesn't display the name of the company that made it (the only way to stop the relentless branding of clothing lines is to refuse to buy or wear clothes that propagate it), and I have never worn any shirt with references to a rock group on it, although I would probably wear a Soundgarden shirt if I had one.

If you want to get in touch, please feel free to e-mail me.

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