As I've grown older, cars have begun to play an important part in my life. They didn't interest me much in the early days of my life, certainly not as much as computers. As far as I could tell, all they did was move around. Useful, but not terribly interesting to learn about.

I've been forced to become more practical and less fanciful nowadays, though. I now have a life, or at least some semblance of one, including a job and other places I need to go. Along with this comes the concern of money, and the unavoidable realization that it's cheaper to do things yourself than to pay other people to do them for you. In accordance with this, I have taken it upon myself to study auto mechanics, at least to the point where I can do and understand basic car-things. This page, then, will be a sort of dump of thoughts and info acquired on this road, so other people who aren't really car people might get some useful information out of it. This page will not be as advanced on cars as the rest of my site is on computers, as I have no plans to be an auto mechanic, either as a job or a hobby. Rather, it'll be a practical listing of procedures and info you should know about your car.

Routine Car Maintenance

Replacing Car Stuff

Parts of a car

How to change your oil

Dealing with rust

Things to keep in your car

Tools for working on cars

How to perform a compression test

Driving tips

The art and science of curves and cornering

How to drive a standard transmission

What to look for in a used car

A great link for information on car servicing is MechanicNet. To my mind, the most useful and interesting part of the site is the rather thorough glossary of automotive mechanical terms, but there's a lot of other good info there as well.

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