Sometimes doing stuff to your computer is necessary. And when you do stuff, you want instructions. So I figured, why not make a site where step-by-step instructions are available for various common things that people do with their computers a lot? Thus was this page born.

So, here are the things you can get instructions on:

1. Making your CD-ROM drive available from DOS
2. Making Windows not boot automatically
3. Installing an expansion card
4. Updating your BIOS
5. Re-partitioning your hard disk for Linux
6. Regular PC maintenance
7. How to set up a LAN (Part 1: The hardware)
8. How to set up a LAN (Part 2: The software (using Linux))
9. How To Recompile Your Linux Kernel
10. How To Reinstall LILO To Boot Linux After Installing Windows
11. Installing programs in Linux

OK, I'll admit, maybe this isn't a lot. I'll add more later. =)

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