3D programming is one of the hardest types of programming in existence. Making a spreadsheet or word processor is one thing, and it's not easy (no aspect of programming is truly easy), but projecting several three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional screen, texturing them, and moving them around a few dozen times every second is something else entirely.

This is a place where I'll dump any programs I create which use 3D graphics, in the hopes that somebody else might find this code helpful or interesting.

Currently, there's not much here, but hey, better than nothing, right? =)

Program 1 Draws a single pixel on the screen, and lets you move it around in 3D. Useful as an introduction, to demonstrate how to project 3D on a 2D screen. (Written for Borland Turbo C++ 3.0)

How to draw a line on a computer screen An explanation of how to plot a course between two points on a computer screen.

How to draw a 2D triangle Details on how you can make your very own two-dimensional polygons, and fill them too! (Yes! Filled polygons! Not just simple outlines!)

A First-Person Turner Using Trigonometry How to actually rotate your position in 3D using trig.

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