Top 10 Most Over-Used Computer Words Of 1998


10. FAT32. This would work better if it worked.

9. Netscape. From an end-user's point of view, the two Web browsers have little difference. And all the people who AREN'T end users are running Linux for an OS anyway, so they use Lynx for a Web browser!

8. Java. This may end up being a good programming language someday, but that's not today. I can't wait for people to use it to write actual programs instead of tiny "crapplets".

7. Linux. Yes, it is technically superior to Windows, but the simple fact is that your applications govern your computer usage, not your OS. If you run Linux you probably spend most of your time cding around and lsing directories and getting very little actual work done. And if you use your computer more for play than work, Windows is better for games anyway.

6. CGI.

5. Quake. Here's a secret: This game already came out several years ago under the name "Doom". So did Unreal and all those others.

4. ICQ. Big deal!

3. AOL. The loser's ISP.

2. NetBus and Back Orifice. Powerful tools, but they are (surprise!) more often used by lamers than members of the true elite.

And the number one over-used computer word of the year:

(drumroll please...)


Bonus overused: iMac. This "computer" is the biggest joke the computer industry has seen in a while. Its only pro is that it's good-looking, yet it's created a sensation on the basis of this alone.

I would expect to take some heat for this list if anyone actually came to this web site. Since nobody does, I don't. But E-mail me if you're actually here and disagree with something. :)

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